4 Reasons Why Kelly Rowland Is My Hair Crush

4 Reasons Why Kelly Rowland Is My Hair Crush


Every time I spot singer Kelly Rowland on the red carpet or out and about, I find myself giving her two snaps and a wink for her hair moment in the making. That diva knows how to make fabulous hair look like casual, everyday norm. I think her mane is one of the most underrated ones around, so I'm taking a moment to break down my obsession with her every-'do.


The first time I saw Rowland's gorgeous head of curls it made me want to slap my curl wand. Fierce to the fifth power!


The former The X Factor judge never disappointed on set or while promoting the show, even if it meant taking her hair to new lengths and heights.


Oh, and Rowland has zero problems setting the record "straight" on the red carpet. Yaaasss!

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